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Hello and welcome… My name is Stephanie Dignan and I am a certified personal trainer and the owner of The Boot Camp Girl. Currently I and several other personal trainers are teaching a small group boot camp-style fitness program and doing private group and individual personal training. Boot camps are currently in Glenwood, Maryland (Woodbine and Glenelg nearby); Columbia, Maryland (Laurel and Fulton nearby); and Clarksville, Maryland (Dayton, Ellicott City and Highland nearby).

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Boot camp training is for anyone at any level. Some people come into boot camp that are inactive, feel out-of-shape or have never worked out before. That’s Ok! Boot camp participants are of all ages, weights and physical abilities. We will tailor the exercises for you depending on your ability. Even if you have physical limitations, we will make sure that you get a safe workout in boot camp or one-on-one personal training at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

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There are also people that start boot camp who have been exercising for a while and are in good shape but are looking for a change.  The exercises in boot camp will work your muscles differently and help to give you that extra challenge so that you see more results.  Also, no two boot camp workouts are the same. Because of the variety, you will stay interested and the body will stay challenged.  If you’re in great shape and want to get the best workout of your life, we will make sure you get that!

Benefits of your membership

In the last two years many boot camp and personal training students have lost weight, become more toned, improved their endurance, lost inches, lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol and just feel better! Here’s some of the feedback:

DaveThe Bootcamp Girl Success Story, Dave

I’ve been working with Stephanie, The Boot Camp Girl, for 1 year now. Through a combination of diet, personal training, and The Boot Camp Girl program, I’ve lost over 40 lbs. Stephanie has taught me how to exercise and take care of myself. She has a way of knowing what I’m capable of doing before even I know it. She pushes me to push myself. I’ve accomplished goals that I never imagined possible. Such as running a mile in under 8 minutes, doing 1000 jump ropes, doing over 100 push-ups or running up and down the stairs 10X fast. I even completed my first 5K in less than 27 minutes!!

Thanks to Stephanie, I feel great about myself and I love to exercise. I will be forever grateful to Stephanie for everything she’s done for me.

- Dave B.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Olney, Maryland Resident

TracieThe Bootcamp Girl Success Story, Tracie

After having my first child I was really determined to get into shape and seeing her at the sign-up table I was intrigued to join boot camp. Since I’ve been there, the results have been amazing!  One of my favorite parts of boot camp is the team encouragement that I get from the other participants of the boot camp and Stephanie. I recommend this to anyone to try it out and give it a shot!
- Tracie W.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Cheverly, Maryland Resident

KathyThe Bootcamp Girl Success Story, Kathy

I’ve completely changed my eating habits. I’ve cleaned up my eating a lot by cleaning up the junk food. My strength has increased tremendously. I’m doing push-ups every day. I’m running and getting less than 10 minute miles. It’s been a totally awesome trip!

- Kathy C.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Baltimore, Maryland Resident

PeterPeter's Transformation withThe Boot Camp Girl

I’ve been doing boot camp for 6 months, lost 25 lbs, taken a minute and a half off of my mile time and, most importantly, I feel much better about doing active sports. I’ve had no injuries, much less back pain and good reports from my annual check-up with reduced levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in my blood.

All around it’s been a great experience for me and most importantly I’ve been able to do it without any injury or infirmities that go along with activities at my age group. Thank you very much, Stephanie.

- Peter R.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Mt. Airy, Maryland Resident

PamPam was able to meet all her goals with The Boot Camp Girl!

I am from Columbia and I joined The Boot Camp Girl program because I was looking for a program that had everything that I need that I could just follow the program and I would just achieve my fitness and my health goals (I attend the Columbia boot camp and the Clarksville boot camp). I wanted something that had a support system through the program, with the instructors and the students.

I have actually been able to achieve all of my fitness goals, I’ve lost over 20 pounds and I’ve lost almost 14 inches. I love coming to boot camp, I love the friendships that I’ve made, and I love the support system that’s here.  It’s not just the exercise, but there are tools and resources to help you with the food so you could be successful there. So if you’re looking for a program that will help you to make radical and immediate changes in your overall fitness and health goals, The Boot Camp Girl is for you!

- Pam B.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Columbia, Maryland Resident

NickLose weight with Maryland bootcamp, The Boot Camp Girl

Nick looks fantastic. I want to thank you for all your help and inspiration. Nick has really turned his life around with your guidance. It is not the same as your mother telling you to eat more healthy food, smaller portions and exercise. He is really enjoying the challenges you pose. Thanks for all you have done.

- Linda (Nick’s mom)
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Columbia, Maryland Resident

There are also people that start boot camp who have been exercising for a while but are looking for a change. The exercises in boot camp will work your muscles differently and help to give you that extra challenge so that you see more results.

Jen lost 18 pounds, went down several clothing sizes, becoming stronger and more fit and has taken an hour off her marathon time because of boot camp!

Bridget lost 7 inches off her waist through The Boot Camp Girl Bootcamp!

Frank has increased his lung capacity, lost about 15 pounds and tripled the number of push-ups he can do!


Tammy talks about how fun the bootcamp classes has been, it’s helped her lose over 12 lbs!


How is the program different?

Many people tell me that they just haven’t been able to achieve the results on their own. People know that they need to exercise and eat healthier but they just aren’t doing it. They tell me about programs that they’ve tried that didn’t work or only work temporarily. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve heard people say that they are looking for accountability. Many students have told me that the accountability that we’ve given them through boot camp group training or personal training is a big part of what’s helped them.

You will also have the option of attending classes.  Currently we offer: Strength and Conditioning, Abs and Buns, Zumba, and Running/Walking Intervals.  These classes give you even more variety than a traditional boot camp program.

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Here’s what my students have to say about The Boot Camp Girl Program:

JenniferJennifer looks great and feels great from working out with The Boot Camp Girl

I’ve been with The Boot Camp Girl for about a year in the Clarksville boot camp.  My initial goal was to lose 20 pounds. Once I lost 10 lbs I thought that was as far as I could go, but we had so much fun in boot camp.  We kept going and I met my goal of 20lbs down and I feel so much different. It’s such a great feeling to pull out all of your Winter clothes and have them be too big and have to go shopping. I have people that stop me all of the time and say “You Look Great!”.

I feel like I look how i should look where before I felt too big for myself. I’m back to where I feel like I should be. I feel great!

- Jennifer R.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Clarksville, Maryland Resident

TJI've lost a total weight of 26 lbs with The Boot Camp Girl!

I’ve been coming to the Clarksville boot camp for a year now and in that time frame I’ve lost 26 pounds. I’ve decreased my 1 mile time from 8 minutes to 6 1/2 minutes and I’ve run two 5K’s my best time being 22:21. I’m having a blast at boot camp, staying challenged every week, being competitive with other participants in boot camp and having a great time. Every workout I come to I feel charged up and my strength is up. Having a blast. I highly recommend The Boot Camp Girl!

- TJ D.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Clarksville, Maryland Resident

ClareseSuccess Story Clarese

Since joining The Boot Camp Girl, I’ve lost 24 pounds and I have decreased my 1 Mile run time from 13 minutes to less than 9 minutes! In fact I couldn’t even run a mile when I started. Now I can easily run a mile and I’ve signed up for my first half marathon. I’m feeling better, losing weight, getting stronger, and I’ve gone down at least 2 pant sizes!

- Clarese A.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Fulton, Maryland Resident

LoreThe Boot camp Girl Success Story, Lore

Since I’ve been in boot camp, I’ve lost about 15 pounds, I’m running faster and longer. My eating habits are better. I’m healthier and feel stronger. I’m just feeling like a better person all around!

- Lore L.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Olney, Maryland Resident

MikeThe Boot camp Girl Success Story, Mike

I’ve been in boot camp for 4 months and I’ve gone down 1 belt loop, so I’ve lost about 1 inch off of my waist and lost about 13 pounds. Today I came from the doctor and HDL cholesterol is up 8, my LDL cholesterol is down 20. This is really good news. This is exactly what I wanted to do. At 68, I’m not doing bad!

- Mike L.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Glenwood, Maryland Resident

JanineMaryland personal training will get you in the best shape!

Thank you, Stephanie, for pushing me in the boot camps. I have lots of exercise tools available to me at home, but found I was not pushing myself as much as I do in the weekly Saturday boot camp. Now, because I’m getting stronger, I can do my at home workouts at a level I wasn’t able to before. This has helped me to achieve a great deal of weight loss in a short period of time. I’m only half way there, but I know I will make it with your continued support! The combination of eating better and challenging exercise has made all the difference for me. It will be my lifestyle for now on!

- Janine
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Columbia, Maryland Resident

Through my boot camp and personal training programs, we will help you to create habits that last a lifetime, so your results will last a lifetime. By finding exercise and healthy food that you love, you can achieve your fitness goals and be happy with your lifestyle. Boot Camp and personal training are designed to help empower you to develop determination and maintain motivation.

People have a lot of fun in the boot camp program and make new friendships. We also plan events for the boot camp group which makes it more fun.  This is a supportive group which makes it easier to achieve your goals and feel good doing so. Many people have improved their eating habits and have lost weight through the support of the trainers and the group participants in boot camp.


WandaThe Boot camp Girl Success Story, Wanda

Thank you Stephanie! The pictures are a big difference…thanks to you and Mary. I love the program; I’ve changed my life so much after Bootcampgirl. My eating habits are different, I can walk without complaining.I love all the articles you post, they are so easy to ‘absorb’. For example, the one you sent today, I know I can put effort in my workouts! Thanks again to all of you.

- Wanda
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Columbia, Maryland Resident

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JaneJane's amazing body transformation with The Boot Camp Girl

I’m from Ellicott City and I was looking for a workout that would really challenge me. I looked up Stephanie’s website online and I saw some testimonies were too hard to believe, the results were phenomenal so I took Stephanie up for a free day of boot camp. When I came, I interviewed everyone that I could get in front of and everyone had the same thing to say: they love coming, they feel good, they’ve had results, I said OK, I will buy into this. I started with a 4 month membership. I love it, I have so much fun, I’m looking forward to my workouts.  I’ve made some really great friends.  If you’re thinking about joining The Boot Camp Girl, please do, we are having a ball at the Clarksville boot camp!

- Jane H.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Ellicott City, Maryland Resident

DebbieThe Boot Camp Girl success story - Debbie

The 6am workouts are very convenient and a great no-excuse way to get healthy and in shape. I think you have really identified the combination of things that people need to be successful at sticking to an exercise program and you are doing a fantastic job delivering it to the community.

- Debbie M.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Ellicott City, Maryland Resident

JenniferThe Boot Camp Girl success story - Jennifer

The reasons that I would refer boot camp: The encouragement. The positive atmosphere. The fellow boot-campers. The eating tips. The results!

- Jennifer C.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Clarksville, Maryland Resident

Ann MarieThe Boot Camp Girl Success Story - Ann Marie

At first I was intimidated to try boot camp but now I feel comfortable and really enjoy it! In a little under 2 months I’ve lost 10 pounds, can run 1 mile, and can do 22 (real!) pushups! Can’t wait to see what 6 months looks like!

- Ann Marie S.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Laurel, Maryland Resident

LydiaThe Boot Camp Girl Success Story Lydia

I’ve been in The Boot Camp Girl program for a little over 2 months.  In that time I’ve lost inches off of my waist, my muscles are getting toned and I’m getting stronger. I have more energy and I’ve lost 15 pounds.  I just recommend this program to anyone.  It is great!

- Lydia R.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Columbia, Maryland Resident

AimeeSuccess Story with the bootcamp girl - Aimee

Since joining bootcamp, I have lost 30 lbs and gone down 4 dress sizes, so I had to buy all new clothes! I never thought I could enjoy working out, but I now run regularly on my own and look forward to bootcamp every week. I have also improved my eating habits. I attend Clarksville and Glenwood bootcamps. Everyone tells me how great I look and I’m proud of myself for getting into shape and adopting a healthy lifestyle. I know I’ll never go back!

- Aimee G.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Baltimore, Maryland Resident

LindseySuccess Story The Bootcamp Girl - Lindsey

Stephanie’s Boot Camp class has been my network of accountability, guidance, and motivation; that push I needed to really achieve my goals. I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’m more disciplined and achieving fitness goals that I would have never expected before! Its awesome!

- Lindsey M.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Laurel, Maryland Resident

Sharon was hooked after her first bootcamp with Stephanie!

John gets his motivation from the group which helps him push his workouts harder!

Lydia lost inches off her waist and increased her muscle tone in just a little under 6 months!

MargieThe Boot Camp Girl helped Margie lose 40 lbs!

My name is Margie and I’ve been with Stephanie’s Clarksville boot camp and Columbia boot camp for 6 months and I’ve lost 40 lbs! Its been amazing how much more extra energy I have and things that I can do that I couldn’t do before, such as being able to get down on my hands and knees and move my legs really rapidly, being able to do jumping jacks without stopping, I feel like I’m making a commitment to get my exercise in first instead of putting everything else first. I just feel really great.

- Margie
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Clarksville, Maryland Resident

TraciTracy got her pre-pregnancy body back!

I joined the boot camp program about six months ago. What motivated me was that I just had my second child. I started when I was eight weeks postpartum. One thing that I found really worked for me was that there was a consequence of not going. Like many working moms, I can find a million excuses to not show up to a workout and this really helped me to keep consistent. The other thing that also worked was that the workouts change every time I come. I get bored easily so that is what really motivated me and I think helped to change the shape of my body quickly. In the last six months that I’ve been doing the boot camp program, I’ve lost 18 lbs, 8 lbs got me back to the pre-pregnancy weight and another 10lbs got me back to really what I use to look like before I had kids. I’ve met a lot of great people. I like that there are people of all ages and all sizes and all levels of fitness. It’s very motivating. It’s very comfortable to work out; I would tell any working parent or single parent that they can have success in this program.

- Traci
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Clarksville, Maryland Resident

CindyThe Boot Camp Girl success story - CIndy

Stephanie’s program has helped me: I’ve lost 15lbs, I’m now able to do 60 push-ups, I’ve lost inches and my running times have really improved. With that I have a lot more confidence the next time I run a race that I’m going to do better than I did the last time. I attend the Clarksville boot camp and the Columbia boot camp.

- Cindy
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Clarksville, Maryland Resident

GinnyGinny lost 19 lbs with The Boot Camp Girl!

I have learned a lot about what my body is capable of through Boot Camp. I love how we keep track of our progress- and not just the number on the scale. My mile has gotten faster. I can now do “real” push ups. I enjoy my training runs much more now that I am stronger and have more endurance. My confidence has improved, especially with my running. I’m looking for another Half Marathon to sign up for and I have also signed up for the Columbia Iron Girl in August (I got a bike for Christmas!) My Baltimore Half Marathon experience was a wonderful one and you were a huge part of that! Thank you for going out of your way to run with me for so long!! Above and beyond my expectations.

The holiday party was also wonderful. I love how supportive and friendly everyone is (students and instructors.) I love the in person and Facebook rapport we all have going on. The Facebook page is great and I’m glad to see people networking through that. I also find your newsletter very helpful. I have been toning up a lot and getting stronger. I have been receiving a lot of compliments and people have been noticing that I am in better shape. I have had to buy new pants because mine were all falling off!! What a great feeling!

Thank you for your program and what you do for us!

- Ginny
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Clarksville, Maryland Resident

SharonSharon's success story with the bootcamp girl!

I joined Stephanie’s boot camp and it was the best thing that I’ve ever done for a lot of reasons, the main one being accountability. I’ve been in a lot of exercise programs before, and in my experience the level is so much higher in this boot camp. There’s consistency and accountability. Stephanie makes sure that you come to class, that you sign up and that you show up. If you don’t show up, she calls you which helps with the accountability. I’ve lost 16 lbs so I know that the program is working. Not only do they help you with your exercise but they also help you with your food choices which is always a sticking point for people. The boot camp changes all of the time. You never do the same thing twice and that’s what brings me back. It’s always fresh. New exercises, new techniques, and new pain the next day (but that means it worked!). You don’t know what’s coming and that’s what makes you come back for more.

- Sharon
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Clarksville, Maryland Resident

MichaelThe Bootcamp Girl Success Story, Michael

I’ve been with Stephanie for a year now. Boot camp has really helped out with maintaining my overall fitness and helped me get to my personal health goals. It’s also helped me with my running. I use this as a great cross training. I’ve also gotten my family involved with it. My mom does her boot camp as well.

It’s a great program. Join up. Sign up today!

- Michael K.
The Boot Camp Girl Client
Olney, Maryland Resident, Clarksville boot camp

Brittany showing off her new body at her wedding!

Read jim's weight loss story with The Boot Camp Girl in Columbia Maryland!

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We accept Visa and Mastercard in addition to cash or check for boot camp and personal training. You can reserve the sessions online. Drop-ins are welcome.

Call or email now to get started: info@thebootcampgirl.com or 888-968-5665.

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-Stephanie Dignan