7 steps to guilt free desserts

Desserts are a delicious and fun part of life that most of us enjoy.

That is until you start working towards a fat loss goal. Then dessert becomes the enemy that pops up at birthday parties and get-togethers in the form of cake, cookies, cupcakes and candy, tempting you to give in.

So what do you do? Give up desserts forever?

Taking a zero-dessert stance can be risky because it increases your chances that you will binge when dessert is around!

I don’t want your fitness results to be forfeited, so I’ve come up with the following 7 Steps to Guilt-Free Desserts. Use these steps as your guide to safely navigate sweet temptations and to quickly arrive at your fitness goal.

1) Fruit Is Best.
Fresh, organic, seasonal fruit is the ultimate guilt-free dessert. It’s filled with fiber, vitamins, minerals and delicious, natural sweetness. Don’t be afraid to include some fruit in your diet. Learn to savor and enjoy fruit just as you would a decadent slice of cake. Fruit should be your number one, go-to, favorite dessert.

2) Avoid Artificial Sweeteners.
Artificial sweetners have no place in your diet. Ever. Reserach has shown that artificial sweetners increase your appetite which can make you gain weight.

3) Use Whole Food Flours.
So you have your wholesome sweetener and now you’re reaching for some white flour to bake a cake, right? Wrong. Just like sugar, white flour should be banned when fat loss is your goal. Try these whole food flours instead: almond flour, coconut flour, flax meal or oat flour.

4) Take Your Chocolate Dark.
If chocolate is your dessert-of-choice then learn to love the dark stuff. 73% cocoa content is a good place to start, then as your sweet receptors become more sensitive you’ll start to like even darker chocolate. Check out my sugar free chocolate cake posted on the blog!

5) Portion Size Matters.
When you’re working towards a fat loss goal you do need to control the amount of sugars that enter your body. Keep your desserts to no more than a few bites. Learn to savor and enjoy.

6) Make desserts a special treat on occassion.
If fat loss is your goal, then dessert should not be an everyday occurrence. Wholesome, portion-controlled desserts are OK to include occasionally, but not regularly.

7) Workout Hard.
I would never propose to use food as a reward for exercise, but I will say that working out should be a requirement before including wholesome desserts in your diet. If you’re not working out then even wholesome desserts in moderation could lead to pounds gained. Exercise is a huge part of the puzzle when it comes to losing fat and getting lean.

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  1. Teresa Butler

    Teresa Butler September 21, 2013 at 11:59 pm | | Reply

    During my first phone call with Stephanie, I remembering tell her that dessert was a weakness for me. At that time, I was buying cheesecake from Wegmans a few times each week…
    Instead of cheesecake, I am excited about trying to make the Chocolate Cake on Stephanie’s blog…

    Teresa Butler

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