We no longer have a Clarksville location.

Please inquire about new boot camp locations around Clarksville, Maryland. Our Columbia location is 6 miles away. Read the testimonials here and get started on your fitness goals. Contact us at: 888-YOULOOKHOT (968-5665) or info@thebootcampgirl.com. Boot camps are currently in Columbia, Maryland (Laurel, Fulton, Clarksville, Ellicott City and Highland nearby).

Eric H.
Engineer, Clarksville, Maryland

“Great total body workout! I’m used to lifting heavy weights, but an hour with Stephanie and her simple yet exhaustive routines left me sore the next day. We didn’t use anything more than mats, lightweight dumbbells, and glorified rubber bands. I highly recommend her program for all levels, including the experienced gym rat.”

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14 lbs lost, got stronger and changed eating habits!

12 lbs lost, 2 inches off of her waist
& improved running speed !

10 lbs lost and clothes fit better with boot camp!

Running improved for football season!

TJ lost 26 lbs and ran faster through The Boot Camp Girl!

Amanda is getting fit in boot camp!

Jennifer lost 20lbs with The Boot Camp Girl in Clarksville.

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