Boot camp consists of cardiovascular conditioning (running or walking, plyometrics), strength training (weights, stability balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, Glides, Bender Balls, Kettlebells), stretching (yoga). The workouts vary so no two workouts are the same.

  • I haven’t been exercising regularly. Can I still come to a Boot Camp workout?

Absolutely! Boot Camp is for everyone and is modified depending on each participant’s ability. Beginners (people who feel completely out-of-shape) will feel comfortable in the program and regular exercisers will be able to get a challenging workout.

  • I’ve gained weight and am not very mobile. It’s hard for me to do cardio and exercise. Is boot camp going to work for me?

Absolutely! Many people have started boot camp who have difficulty with exercise because of their weight. We will help you to progress in a way that works for you. We have had students lose significant amounts of weight which has made them more mobile and feeling and looking great!

  • Where are you located?

Boot Camp is offered in Columbia, Md. Make sure to check out our location pages to get the address and directions.

  • How do I sign up?

Please send an email through the Contact tab to sign up.

  • I have upcoming work trips and/or vacations which will interfere with my boot camp schedule. Can I still sign up?

There are a variety of Boot Camp workouts and packages to choose from. The coaches are committed to creating a program that works for you and your fitness goals. Send an email or call for a consultation: info@thebootcampgirl.com or 888-YOULOOKHOT (968-5665). We have also been doing live online workouts so you can also workout from home with us!

Schedule your free session!

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