Glenelg, Maryland Residents

We no longer have a Glenelg, Md location.

Looking to get back on track with your fitness goals? Feel a little nervous about starting a fitness regimen? Has it been months or even years since your last workout? Let The Boot Camp Girl help you define your personal goals and get you started on a healthy path. When you try one of our boot camps, you will recognize how The Boot Camp Girl workouts will help you gain more energy, stamina and feel great!

Glenwood Boot Camp (click here for directions)
2892 Maryland Route 97, Roxbury Mills Rd, Glenwood, MD 21738-9714
Phone: (888) 968-5665

Glenelg testimonials:

I take the 9:30 am Zumba class is Glenelg and enjoy it very much. It’s challenging yet still in my comfort zone of activity. The instructors are very nice and very knowledgable of the routines. Also, Stephanie has been very responsive to my calls and helpful in helping me to register and answer any questions. Lynn Z., Dayton, Maryland

So you know I have been in probably 15 different boot camp and exercise classes over the years. Just wanted you to know, you are by far the most balanced Strength, Cardio, Stretching, Spiritual. Mike Y, Glenelg MD


Peter's Transformation withThe Boot Camp Girl The Boot Camp Girl success story - CIndy Maryland personal training will get you in the best shape! Lose weight with Maryland bootcamp, The Boot Camp Girl

If you live in Glenelg and ready for a transformation, visit us today.

Boot camps are currently in Glenwood, Maryland (Woodbine and Glenelg nearby); Columbia, Maryland (Laurel and Fulton nearby); and Clarksville, Maryland (Dayton, Ellicott City and Highland nearby). Please inquire through clicking on the contact tab for more information.

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