Glenwood, Maryland

We no longer have a Glenwood location. Email for personal training options.

Glenwood testimonials:

Awesome and supportive staff – really made sure that there were options to make the most of every exercise for the whole spectrum of fitness levels – impressive!!! Beth K., Glenwood Maryland

This program got me the results I needed. Great supportive group! Cindi C, Glenwood boot camp student, Mt. Airy Maryland

10/10 Rating: 1. They are close to home 2. Committed Staff 3. Class prices are very reasonably 4. Consistent communication via email and phone. Thank you so much for being such an incredible inspiration! Christy P., Glenwood Zumba and Strength fitness program student

10/10 Rating: The instructors are always willing to help in every aspect of your life,whether it be nutrition, exercise, or just offering a ride when roads are bad. The workouts are intense and different everytime, so you never know what to expect. Nicole S. Glenwood boot camp student, Woodbine, MD

Can’t tell you how much I LOVE this class – Mary is awesome! Jayne N., Glenwood Strength program

Rating 10/10: Location, and the one wed strength class is the perfect time when kids are in school. Amanda S. Glenwood strength programs

Katie shares her experience with The Boot Camp Girl in Glenwood.

Chris lost 20 lbs in 4 months!



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