holiday weight loss challenge

8 out of 10 Americans will gain 6-14 pounds between now and New Years.

But it doesn’t have to be that not. And this year, I’m going to show you how to not only stop the poundage from increasing, but how to actually get FITTER between now and Christmas.

During this 6 week of Get Fit Not Fat for Christmas you will get:

*30 Metabolism Boosting Group Training Sessions at our Columbia and Glenwood boot camps (There will be makeup home workouts for studio people who miss sessions) designed to incinerate MAXIMUM body fat in minimum time, PLUS 12 Bonus Workouts to keep the fat loss high while you’re not coming to our workouts.

*High level support from our coaches to keep you on track and highly motivated for the entire 6 weeks…You’ll need it

This Program Will Require Serious Commitment In Terms Of Your Investment Of Time, and Effort. Are You Ready To Be Challenged By Your Coach Toward Achieving This Goal?

If so….click the button below and let’s get started

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