7 Tips for how to Enjoy Desserts and Maintain your Fitness Goals

We all like to feel like we are getting a treat and want to treat ourselves.  Desserts are a delicious and fun part of life although they could end up getting in your way of your weight loss goals.  Desserts at parties and other social events start to feel like the enemy.  Cakes, cookies, cupcakes and candy are tempting and sometimes you give in. Over the weekend my nephew got a dessert for his birthday at a restaurant.  A serving for one person was probably 3000 calories!  That’s more than a person should eat in an entire day!

So what do you do? Give up desserts forever?

I just was talking to my uncle last week and he was telling me a story about his friend who worked out a lot and was very healthy then died young in a car accident.  He was trying to make the point that we need to enjoy these foods now.  I know that many people feel this way and are afraid of feeling deprived.  You may intend to stop it altogether then overindulge. You may eat dessert like cake then follow it up by some ice cream, a handful of cookies and topped off with some chocolates.

What I mentioned to him was that I found many dessert recipes that are healthy that I really enjoy so I can still enjoy dessert without needing to give up my fitness and health goals.

I don’t want your fitness results to be derailed over a slice of cake, so here are 7 Steps to Guilt-Free Desserts. Use these steps as your guide to safely navigate sweet temptations and to quickly arrive at your fitness goal.

  1. Fruit Is Best.

Fresh, organic, seasonal fruit is the best dessert. It’s filled with fiber, vitamins, minerals and it’s delicious. There have been some negative messages about fruit, but fruit has never been the problem. Learn to savor and enjoy fruit just as you would a decadent slice of cake. Have you tried freezing fruit?  You can make your own fruit ice cream which is delicious!  I freeze bananas then make ice cream out of bananas, soy milk and carob (a couple of bananas, about 1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk and a couple of scoops of carob, you could also use unsweetened cocoa powder). Fruit is a great go-to and can be your favorite dessert.

  1. Choose Only Wholesome Sweeteners.

When fat loss is your goal, cane sugar, corn syrup and other sweeteners can derail your fitness goals. Fortunately, there are plenty of more wholesome sweeteners available which will have less of an impact on your blood sugar. Try: Medjool dates, date sugar, and fruits like applesauce and mashed bananas to sweeten food.

  1. Use Whole Food Flours.

You have your wholesome sweetener so now lets get the other ingredients in line to bake a cake.  Just like sugar, white flour can derail your fat loss goals. Try a whole food flour instead: like oat flour or flax meal.

  1. Use cocoa powder or carob.

If chocolate is your dessert-of-choice, then add cocoa powder to get that chocolate flavor. Not sure what treat to make? I share tons of chocolate desserts and other sweet treats on my blog: http://thebootcampgirl.com/category/desserts/​

  1. Portion Size Matters.

When you’re working towards a fat loss goal you do need to control the amount of sugars that enter your body. Keep your desserts to no more than a few bites if they are high in calories. Learn to savor and enjoy and stop when full so as not to overindulge.

  1. Remember Moderation.

If fat loss is your goal, then have desserts on special occasions. An abundance of fresh vegetables and legumes should make up the bulk of your diet. Wholesome, portion-controlled desserts are OK to include occasionally, but not regularly. When you’ve met your fitness goal, and are maintaining your results, then you’ll be able to include wholesome desserts more often.

  1. Exercise Hard.

I would never propose to use food as a reward for exercise, but I will say that working out needs to be a requirement before including wholesome desserts in your diet. If you’re not working out then even wholesome desserts in moderation could lead to pounds gained. Exercise is a huge part of the puzzle when it comes to losing fat and getting lean.

What do you think?  Are you willing to try a new way of enjoying desserts. Please post below and let us know.

By the way, if you aren’t happy with your current body then I would love to hear from you. It’s my goal to help every one of my clients achieve their best body ever.  This is what I love about my job!!

You’ll become stronger, lose inches and pounds, feel more confidence and feel more energy when you join my exercise program.

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