Howard County Boot Camp

Lose unwanted inches with The Boot Camp Girl in Howard County

The Boot Camp Girl in Howard County is the place where you will be able to lose those unwanted inches and pounds, achieve toned arms and legs and finally fit into the jeans you believed you would never fit in. The workouts are sure to boost your energy and induce fat loss. All we ask for is an hour of your day to accomplish your weight loss goal! Stephanie Dignan, the founder of The Boot Camp Girl, will work with you personally and guide you on how to maximize your fitness results. One of the boot camp’s benefit is access to a wonderful support group that will help you push through the workouts. Another benefit is the customized food log review where we will coach you with proper nutrition.

It’s time to focus on results! No more unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions, no more failed fitness fads, just focus on your commitment for a transformation and The Boot Camp Girl will help you achieve your fitness goal. Here is a list of some amazing results that you can achieve by joining the The Boot Camp Girl in Howard County:

  • Our effective workouts will sure to burn fat.
  • You will get personal coaching, weekly weigh-ins and a customized food log review to ensure that you stay on track.
  • You will no longer need to rely on energy drinks and caffeine to feel energized.
  • Your new found energy will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones.
  • You will start noticing the results immediately once you have the mindset and within weeks even days of taking the bootcamp sessions.
  • You will feel great overall!

If you live in Howard County, we have Columbia, Maryland (Laurel, Fulton, Clarksville, Ellicott City and Highland nearby).  Please inquire about boot camp or personal training by clicking on the contact tab for more information.


Howard County boot camp testimonials:

I like how the boot camp classes have a feeling of groups working together but also each individual can push his/her self. All of the different and classes are also helpful with clients options. Michael K., Olney, Md, Charm City Run Manager, Howard County Boot camp student

Last night was my second session and my first run. Mary asked some questions beforehand and gave some guidance on the run. During the run others provided encouragement and I reciprocated. At the end Mary gave great feedback. This is what I like. Everyone is there for a reason and provided a mutually positive experience. Ron D. , Howard County boot camp student, Woodstock Md.

I find that I am learning how to stay healthy and fit through the boot camp program and that my body coordination has improved the past 4 months. Matt R. Howard County boot camp, Savage MD

10/10 Every workout is different. It’s not just that the exercises are done in a different order, but stations, circuits, team relays, weights, jump ropes…Love it all. Keep it up Stephanie (and gang)! Jennifer R. Howard County boot camps, Silver Spring, MD

I am very grateful and thank you. I thought the program was great and I’d be more than happy to be a reference for you or either of the trainers I worked with, Paul and Mary. Jennifer H. Howard County boot camp in Clarksville, Catonsville, MD

No two workouts are the same. The workouts are challenging. Everyone encourages you to do your best. The instructors provide a lot of feedback about your form, which ensures you’re doing the exercises correctly and helps prevents injuries. Every exercise class eventually hurt my knee and I would miss time from my workout to heal. That never happened with the Boot Camp Girl exercises. Love the Clarkville mats because it’s easier on my knees to work out there. Chris M., Howard County boot camp fitness in Clarksville, Catonsville, MD

Rammy gets rock hard abs with his workouts!

Time to make fitness fun with “Everyone’s It” game for all ages!

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