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We serve the following areas with our fun and dynamic training that re-defines what people usually think about personal training and group programs!

Please inquire about new boot camp locations in and around Columbia, Maryland. Read the testimonials yourself here and get started on your fitness goals soon. Contact me at: We can meet with you in Ellicott City, Columbia, Woodbine, Laurel, Clarksville, Glenwood, Highland, Mt. Airy and Glenelg.


Pam, from Columbia, Maryland talks about losing 20lbs in the Clarksville and Columbia boot camps.


Cindy lost 15 lbs and can do 60 push ups with the help of The Boot Camp Girl.


Ammar recommends The Boot Camp Girl 100%!


Clarksville and Columbia boot camp: Amanda is getting fit in boot camp!

I LOVE BOOTCAMP!! This first month was amazing…

By the way, on Wednesday when I did the double classes; I came home after your evening class and had an enormous amount of energy! With that energy, I stayed up the entire night and cleaned…

Great News!!! Today, I weighed in and have now lost 10 pounds!!


Teresa B. Columbia MD

10/10 Rating because of: The support that you receive from the instructors and the other members. Julie K., columbia md

Every class is different and it is a lot of fun. The classes are fun and always surprising. Also, it is very helpful support from the teacher’s. I am happier and healthier.   Leila, Columbia Maryland boot camp student

I first wish to say thank you. I have enjoyed the classes and you guys are wonderful! I think the program is set up very well, and the trainers are very talented! I again thank you for all you and our team have done for me.  Christy V. Columbia MD boot camp

I give you a  10/10 because you encourage me!   Amy K, Columbia boot camp student

The location and time are very helpful. Plus your trainer is great! Christy V., Columbia MD

I like that I can sign up for unlimited classes, and that I am forced to come because I am required to treat these classes like a second job. I also like that there are free seminars on how to eat healthy. The instructors are great and are very willing to work within limitations due to injuries. However, they still will kick your butt, which is exactly what I need.  Celeste P, Columbia boot camp student and Columbia resident

Personalization, the leader knows the people in the group and what they are capable of doing.  Judy G, Columbia boot camps student and Columbia resident

I give a 10/10 because of variety of locations and times; responsiveness Patty R. Columbia boot camp student and Columbia resident

Very professional.  Melinda A, Columbia resident and Columbia and Glenwood boot camps student

It has really changed my life for the better – thank you so much. Amanda I., Veterinarian, Columbia boot camp fitness program


Rating 10/10: It helped me achieve my fitness goals. I joined the gym and didn’t see any results in the entire time I was enrolled. Since I’ve been doing TBCG, I have already noticed a change – I’ve lost weight and feel healthier. Preet S. Columbia boot camp exercise program.

Mandi just Facebooked:

I highly recommend this boot camp! Fun group of people!!!  Mandi M., Boot Camp Columbia MD

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