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“Good news! Doctor is thrilled with my weight-loss progress, which I attribute to boot camp and your nutritional tips.”
-Marggi M., Engineer, Ellicott City, Maryland

I have lost a total of 23 pounds (since april) and my blood sugars have been amazing!! Patty L., Mt. Airy, Md

Samantha just Facebooked:
Well, I just wanted to drop in and say something fabulous! Yesterday I had to go to the doctor (just for a physical), which I ALWAYS dread, because its always bad news and him giving me a hard time about weight and exercise, but this time was different! My weight was down (yay and more pounds counting :-)) My blood pressure was the BEST it has ever been since I have been going to him, my pulse was amazing, and he said my heart seemed stronger then ever! I would not be where I am without the amazing trainers at the Bootcamp Girl an the awesome support system they have established there! I am so thankful to have joined this amazing team, and I can’t wait to continue on this great journey! Thank you BCG TEAM!!!!! Samantha H., Ellicott City MD

I have been in Stephanie’s boot camp for about nine months now. Over the past five years I have had several medical incidents, that really caused me some problems and since I joined boot camp I have increased my lung capacity by 20 percent, and lost about 15 pounds. I have more than tripled the number of pushups I can do in a two minute period, and I now typically I am running between two and three miles several times a week. I have found the overall experience to be a lot of fun and at the same time challenging and very rewarding. I would recommend this to anybody who thinks that keeping themselves in physically good condition should be part of everybody’s life style.  Frank, Engineer, Catonsville, MD

Every trainer comes to each session with a fresh new workout that is tough & challenging while being fun & uplifting. Their ability to challenge & push me to work harder while keeping the classes different so I want to come back for more & push myself to reach my goals is amazing. The support, encouragement, & dedication of the trainers is incredible. Each trainers has a distinct personality which is intertwined with their workout sessions which also provides a unique challenge & freshness to each session. Kevin S. Columbia MD

I absolutely LOVE Bootcamp and it has helped me immensely. I think I lost around 20 pounds and I am fitting into clothes that I wore before I had my son!! But, most importantly, I feel much better in general. Before I had my son I was very much into working out and I’m proud to say that Bootcamp has given me back that motivation to keep myself physically fit. Thank you so much for this awesome program!!! Emily D., Dayton, Maryland

I am just starting my third week with the Boot Camp Girl and am hooked!  I already am starting to feel better and stronger.  The instructors do a great job of getting the most out of each person.  Everyone is welcoming and mutually motivating in every session I have attended.  I am really glad I made the shift from a private trainer at a gym to the Boot Camp Girl.”  Ron DeMartin, IT Manager, Woodstock, MD

Good news- I am not able to wear some of my short sleeve tops because my biceps and shoulders are too big for them! Jessica Koch, Olney, MD

I really love the atmosphere when I joined. everyone was very friendly and made me feel very welcome. the training was better than I hoped for. would recommend anyone to join. Joanne B. Linthicum Heights, Md

Facebook post: I feel good about myself! Thanks to The Boot Camp Girl I finally had the courage to run walk today at Elcorn Park in Columbia. This was a very big deal to me because I NEVER run or job because my knees and breath won’t allow me to. Yeah Me!!! Cherlyne Y. Columbia MD

I have been at the boot camp girl program since the beginning of June, so it has been just a little over two months. In that time I have lost inches of my waist, my muscles are getting tones and I am getting stronger, more energy. I have lost 15 pounds and I just recommend this program to anyone it is great. Lydia R, Nurse, Columbia, MD

Everyone that I’ve dealt with has been very positive. I felt like both Cindi and Mary really listened to me and understood my goals. Also, the members in the class I attended were very friendly and welcoming. They also raved about how great the program is and some have been clients for a long time. Lauren P, Runner, Silver Spring, MD

My name is Brittney and I have been at boot camp for about three months now; and when I started I weighed 169 pounds, and now I am down 13 pounds at 156. I have lost 4 inches since starting, and today I was excited because I ran out of wholes on my belt, I need to get a new belt now. I have increased my plank from just over 50 seconds, now my max is four minutes and eight seconds. And my max push-ups improved from 25 to 60. Brittany, Columbia Maryland

“Stephanie’s class has helped me get into shape quickly and lose a significant amount of weight in a short time. The combination of strength training, high-intensity cardio, accountability, support and camaraderie make it highly effective. It’s the most important element in my exercise routine. Stephanie takes an interest in all aspects of my health, from setting personal fitness goals to diet and nutrition. She has motivated me to stay on track and do more than I thought I could.”
-Lillian N., Engineer, Dayton, Maryland

I was lucky enough to start Stephanie’s boot camp I think in April. I actually lost ten pounds since then and I can’t believe it.  Anyway I am the most un-athletic person possible. I never did anything growing or anything and just thought I would never be able to do boot camp or run a mile. And I was actually able to do it. And as each class went on/progressed I just felt more comfortable. Being around other people doesn’t matter if you are the slowest. Everyone is very supportive and we just do the best you can. And I am actually diabetic so my numbers got better. It is definitely a great experience and helps me keep on track of trying the keep the weight off and just trying to get moving. Josie T., Ellicott City, Md

Thanks Stephanie. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your Bootcamp has helped me. You have a great program.  I’m doing my next five k, kickboxing and aerobics classes. I would not have been doing this a year ago without having done bootcamp.  Michelle T. Columbia Maryland

10/10 Rating:
Personal attention, workouts,, extra seminars, everything. On a personal note, my travel schedule for work did not allow me to participate on a more regular basis. Stephanie is truly committed to meeting the needs of her customers. Mala T., Frederick, MD

Personable and knowledgeable instructors. Friendly participants. Encouraging atmosphere. Nancy S, administration, Dayton, MD



“I am a marathon runner and I was having trouble getting back into shape after having a child.  Even though I was fit I hadn’t lost all the weight and was a slower runner.  Stephanie’s Boot Camp kicked my rear in gear.  Now I am running my fastest times in 8 years and it feels great to be getting faster again instead of slower.  My cholesterol is 25 points lower, my resting heart rate is 47, I lost the rest of the baby weight, my muscle tone has increased significantly and noticeably, and I feel fantastic.  I attribute this success to Boot Camp!”
-Jennifer S., Engineer, Bethesda, Maryland

“After I hit my mid 40′s weight maintenance began to be a struggle.  The exercise routine I had been doing for years wasn’t working anymore.  Fortunately I found Stephanie and her boot camp!  I just started 6 weeks ago and not only have  I lost weight, I have more energy and I feel better.   Stephanie is a great partner to have on this journey.  She is extremely professional, she cares about your progress and she gives you just the right amount of motivation to keep you going.  The workouts are incredible!!  I enjoy the challenge and the variety of exercises.  I am never bored and I always have fun.   I feel like a little athlete and that’s a great feeling at 45!  Thank you, Stephanie!!”
-TH, Business Owner, Spencerville, Maryland

“My name is John, and I started boot camp last January. I wanted to make a big change in my life, and I did it for six months. I was able to drop ten pounds, got a little bit leaner. A couple of things happened, job changes and I stopped for a while. I noticed a big change, and I started gaining weight again. I had a hard time losing the weight, hard time getting motivated so I came back this past April and being around a lot more students now really gung-ho about being healthy, about living a healthier life, and trying to motivate each other. It is great to be around people like that, so I recommend this to anybody that wants to make a difference and just get out of that office mentality where people are just exercising the minimum, just eating donuts and just trying to make a big difference and make a big change in your life; be able to run a mile and to be able to get out here and enjoy nature. That is the key right now. I recommend this to everybody, come out here and have fun.”                                                                                                                        John, Glenwood Maryland boot camps

“I was not exactly sure what was going to happen on my first day of boot camp, but the experience of going through a boot camp session with Stephanie has helped me learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. I started to lose unwanted body weight which eventually led to the weening off my blood pressure medication. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who’s ready to take charge and wants to make a change.”
-John Y., Software Engineer, Silver Spring, Maryland

“I was a little skeptical about the boot camp program because I was already eating properly and working out on my own 4-6 days per week. Boot camp is only an hour, and I was used to my own (what I thought was tough) workout. I started on February 2, 2011 and every doubt I had was quickly diminished by the end. I was exhausted and it was the best workout I have had since I was a high school athlete. By the beginning of March, I had lost 17 pounds all from attending Stephanie’s boot camp class four days a week. This much improvement would normally take me more than 3 months to accomplish following my own workout. I am losing fat, building muscle and endurance, and I feel great from attending boot camp. Not alone have I recognized great results, Stephanie goes above and beyond to make sure I accomplish my goals at a pace that is comfortable to me. With all that said, I highly recommend Stephanie and her boot camp program.”
-Robert P., Sykesville, Maryland

“The boot camp has really been an inspiration for me. Your leadership is awesome and I really enjoy being with my classmates on Tuesday night.”
-Al C., Mortgage Banker, Senior Account Executive, Ellicott City, Maryland

“The motivation that you have provided to exercise and your friendship gives me something to look forward to each week. You are a really great instructor! Thanks for being you, and for helping me to work on something positive and fun in my life.”
-Bob P., Business Owner, Ellicott City, Maryland

“I am amazed at the progress I have already seen in 2.5 weeks of boot camp. I ran my fastest ten miles in over two years, and beat my best time by 8 minutes! I know it is a direct result of my new eating habits which is making me feel better. This comes from the suggestions and accountability that Stephanie has given me. I really look forward to boot camp each time, and through the structure and support of boot camp I am pushing myself harder and getting more effective workouts.  I’m starting to realize just how much I’m capable of.  It’s great to see that I’m getting fitter and stronger!”
-Aleah Z., Teacher, Ellicott City, Maryland

“Hi Stephanie – I wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled with the training I’m receiving from you.  In a short period of time, and with limited time due to my hectic schedule, I’ve still been able to see the results.  I appreciate you listening to what I wanted and working with me to gain the results I want.  One reason I enjoy working with you is that you listened and design a workout program that is enjoyable, achievable, and is challenging enough to tone and build muscle.  This encourages me to continue on and sustain my new exercise program.  So, thank you for helping me get to achieve my exercise goals.”
-Lisa T., Group Supervisor, Baltimore, Maryland

“Stephanie’s bootcamp was the “kick in the butt” I needed to get back on track with my fitness routine. After just a few months, my endurance is better, I am stronger, and best of all, I am motivated to keep improving. I love the camaraderie of the group – everyone competes only with themselves and we inspire each other. Thanks Stephanie!“
-Connie. B, Actress and Model, Glenwood, Maryland

“Middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist trade places! Stephanie has helped me in both of these areas, and with swimsuit season rapidly approaching, I am really beginning to look like myself again! Highly recommended!”
-Bob P., Business owner, Ellicott City, Maryland

“I usually go to the gym to run and lift weights 4 to 5 times per week, but I felt like I had been falling into a rut lately.  After starting the boot camp class, I feel like it has re-energized my workouts, kicked up my metabolism (dropped a few pounds) and I can see some noticeable strengthening of my core muscles.  Stephanie is great at motivating you to work harder and she works really well with people of varying fitness levels.  I would highly recommend the boot camp class to anyone looking for a great workout.”
-John L., Engineer, Woodstock, Maryland

“You’re method and demeanor towards leading the class was noticeably pleasant and something I have not encountered before.  It left a very positive lasting impression.”
-Mike S., Engineer, Olney, Maryland

“The workouts are awesome!  I know a lot about strength training and am familiar with other programs but the boot camp program is really a step above.”
Kathy C., Baltimore, Maryland

“I just got back from a run so I am happy to say I feel more and more fit each week.  Thanks for the encouragement as it helps a lot!”
Sharon R., Woodbine, Maryland

“I’m loving my boot camp classes.  You have made my life better by believing in me and I thank you for that.”
-Kathy L, Burtonsville, Maryland

“I am really liking boot camp..its the only workout that I do where I’m working every muscle group with little to no breaks.  Overall I feel a lot stronger. There’s so many things that we do that I would never have thought of doing, but I love the challenges that it brings.”
-Martha B., Crofton, Maryland

“…thank you for one of the hardest and most enjoyable (did I say that?) workouts I’ve done!”
-Lynn M., Woodbine, Maryland

“Thanks for the talk today; you’re an excellent speaker by the way! You know your stuff.”
Craig K., Systems Engineer, Ellicott City, Maryland

“So you know I have been in probably 15 different boot camp and exercise classes over the years.  Just wanted you to know, you are by far the most balanced Strength, Cardio, Stretching, Spiritual.”
-Mike Y., Lighting Maintenance Inc., Glenelg, Maryland

“I was a little apprehensive about starting Boot Camp, but my friends who were already attending cheered me on.  With Stephanie’s encouragement and support, you can start where you are and improve each time.  I really look forward to class now.  The atmosphere is supportive, upbeat, challenging and fun, so jump in and start getting healthier.”
-Jenn S., Mt. Airy, Maryland

“The Boot Camp class is a great way to get in shape! Stephanie is very knowledgeable and personable which makes her one of your best advocates to achieve your goals. She genuinely cares about your success!”
-Beth C., M.D., Physician, Ellicott City, Maryland

“If you are looking for motivation, Stephanie is what you are looking for!”
Twana C., Human Resources, Glen Burnie, Maryland

“If you want to get a good workout and like being motivated then this is the class to be in. AWESOME!”
Jemia W., Hyattsville, Maryland

Sarah lost 18lbs with The Boot Camp Girl!

“Boot camp this past month has been amazing. I wanted to thank you for the great workouts and say that you have an awesome program.  Boot camp has helped me renew my desire to get back in shape and has allowed me to push myself more than I have done in a long time.”
-Kira L., Columbia, Maryland

“I thought it was great! It was something different. It was intense but encouraging (to work at your own pace).”
-Maleeta K, teacher, Columbia, MD.

“Excellent Class! Thank you for a wonderful workout…I was a little sore the next day, but in a healthy way! I look forward to attending more classes and I’ve recommended others to join as well! Thanks Stephanie!!”
-Veronica G., Falls Church, Virginia

“Thanks Stef, because of your email I am dusting off our exercise bike and will do a least 20 mins of cardio (per day) over the next 4 to 5 days as well as push ups and planks!  I want to thank you for your motivation at class and during the week to get back on the “exercise train” and be in the best shape possible.”
-Al C., Mortgage Banker, Senior Account Executive, Ellicott City, Maryland

“I think that you are a good leader.  You’re tough enough to push us when we need it and you are a great encourager.  I’m impressed with the way you change things up every class so our bodies reactions are not anticipated.  Another thing that I appreciate is your ability to provide solutions/recommendations to diet/exercise issues that you feel could jeopardize our success.  I’m so excited to have made your acquaintance and look forward to changing some of the bad habits that have become so routine in my life.  I have experienced a change in my energy levels, the way my clothes fit and the way that I feel about myself.”
-Lisa R., Beltsville, Maryland

“Greatness! It was really fun!  I’m still kind of sore, but it was worth it!”
-Elizabeth J., Medical student, Washington, DC

“Boot Camp is really a great workout!  I was nervous on my first day but the people are sweet and supportive which made me feel really comfortable.”
Esther W., Laytonsville, Md.

“As a distance runner coming off of a broken foot, I was looking for a way to get back in shape and build muscle quickly. In less than 4 weeks I have been able to do that in Stephanie’s boot camp classes. I was challenged at each session and enjoyed the support from Stephanie and the rest of the class. As a result, I am not only stronger, but my running has improved as well!”
Caitlin G., Teacher, Ellicott City, Md.

“Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed the boot camp session you had last night at Charm City.  It was fun to workout outdoors and there was a great variety of exercises.  I definitely got a workout – my heart rate was up – and I see where I need to work harder.  I know this type of workout has so many benefits!”
-Ruth C., Timonium, Maryland

“It’s great! Definitely challenging, but I really enjoy changing up my workout :)
Shuntae R., Accountant, Columbia, Maryland

“Thanks again for having us tonight at your boot camp!  I loved it and I love the feeling in my muscles that I got a good workout.”
-Lizzy C., Columbia, Maryland

“Thanks for the great workout Stephanie!”
-Anita B., Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland

“I love the workout.  I especially like that it is part inside and part outside and that it moves quickly ”
-Julia D., Eldersburg, Maryland

“It was an awesome experience, thanks so much for letting me come to boot camp!  I loved it!!”
Sara P., Teacher, Catonsville, Maryland

“The workout was great…lots of new ideas!”
-Kassy Z., Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland

“Stephanie ROCKS!  I love waking up early on Saturdays and meeting up with Boot Camp Girl on the National Mall.  Not only are the views the best in the whole world (monuments, memorials, US capitol, etc.) but I feel great after every workout!  Stephanie’s motivation and encouragement really gets me pumped.  I thank Boot Camp Girl for helping to make a difference with my body and my life.”
-Rosia W., Washington, DC

“My workout last night was AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU! I forgot how much working out relieves stress, it was so necessary!”
-Judith K., Graduate student; Baltimore, Maryland

“Thank you so much for being so supportive; you are an excellent coach/instructor.”
-Anita W., Columbia, MD.

“I truly loved the Bootcamp class.  Each class period we were working on all of the parts of the body, but doing different things: Pilates, Yoga moves, Weights, Stretching, Running.  I joined the class to learn what to do to increase my flexibility and strength.  There were some beginners like myself in the class, as well as people that had been going for quite some time.  However, the instructor showed us different ways to do particular exercises, if we were beginners.  This class helped to motivate me to do more exercising and weight training at my home and I am so grateful for that.  After the busy summer has come to an end, I hope to be able to join again.  It is a lot of fun when you have others working so hard right along with you.  Thanks Stephanie.”
-Earleen U., Randallstown, Maryland

“Great total body workout!  I’m used to lifting heavy weights, but an hour with Stephanie and her simple yet exhaustive routines left me sore the next day.  We didn’t use anything more than mats, lightweight dumbbells, and glorified rubber bands.  I highly recommend her program for all levels, including the experienced gym rat.”
-Eric H., Engineer, Clarksville, Maryland

Bridget lost a total of 20 lbs with the bootcamp girl!

“What a wonderful experience I had this past Saturday while running on The Mall with The Boot Camp Girl, Stephanie Dignan!  Meeting at 8:00 AM at the Washington Monument was easy because no tourists had taken all of the parking spaces yet, and the monument is sort of hard to miss when looking for your place to meet!  I had lapsed in my exercise over the cold winter months, so Stephanie modified our pace to match what I was capable of doing.  The running trail was expansive and made of soft gravel, and the entire route was a tour of main attractions in our nation’s capital!  You should definitely check out Stephanie’s Saturday morning boot camp program when you get the chance!  It energized me for the week!”
-Deborah A., Writer, Alexandria, Virginia

“Stephanie reminded me of how great it feels to be fit and energized. Since taking her class I have become regular in exercise, more attentive to my diet and protein, and more confident in my daily life. Her classes are a definite challenge, but it’s encouraging to see the results that come from it and she creates a very positive, supportive environment among the class participants.”
-Elisa F., Commercial Real Estate Agent, Glenwood Maryland

“This was just what I needed to kick start my new goal of working out weekly and losing weight.  But, most of all, she helped me get into terrific shape for a ski trip to Park City!”

(new testimonial):“I was “down the ocean, hon”—really, I thought about coming all the way home early to get to boot camp that’s how into it I am! I am very pleased with my results and my “drive” that I attribute directly to your influence!”

(new testimonial): “thanks for kicking off my 40th year helping me in such great shape!”
-Terri B., Vice President of Sales, Woodbine Maryland

“OK..we are all busy , but yet we find time to watch TV, go to parties, sleep in etc.  Stephanie is great and the results are amazing. You will feel great about yourself, get increased energy and look great.”
-Ann Marie M., Senior Nursing Director of Critical Care and Neurosciences, Woodbine Maryland

“Bootcamp is a fun way to get in shape.  The workout is full of variety, and Stephanie keeps us accountable for meeting our fitness goals.  I was able to lose weight I’d been trying to lose for years.  Thanks Stephanie!”

(new testimonial):“I wanted to let you know that I had my annual physical this a.m. and cholesterol and other numbers have improved a lot since last year – so thanks!  Bootcamp and your suggestions about eating have helped a lot.”
-Allison F., Attorney, Ellicott City, Maryland

“I had fun yesterday! Although it proved to me that I was more out of shape than I thought, I see this as an opportunity to focus on me and get back into the swing of life.  I’ve been so busy with work and other things that I have not realized how much time has gone by since I was truly ‘in the swing’.  This will be such a positive step forwards! “
-Debbie C., Engineer, Finksburg, Maryland

“I had a lot of fun :-) and only my triceps were really sore. Everything else felt great after that workout! i would love to come to another class and work out more :-D
-Ingrid S., Glenelg High School student, Woodbine, Maryland

“I have worked in the health field for many years, so I know that pain manifests itself in many ways.  Even after the actual source of pain is gone, the memory or emotional components of pain can persists.  Yet, these are the aspects of pain that I can most control as I address my chronic pain condition.  I have come to realize that having pain does not mean it is allowed to have you; it can be redefined.  When I exercise, I define my discomfort and fatigue. It is the ache that comes from doing something positive and healthy for myself, and it goes away as I get stronger and more resilient.  Exercise is a tool for empowerment; it is a gift of time and effort well spent on healing. Boot camp is challenging, but it also enjoyable to have such camaraderie and support in meeting the challenges.”
-Ginger, Ellicott City, Maryland

“I LOVE your class!”
-Kelly U., Randallstown, Maryland

“Class was tough, but definitely a good workout :-)
-Elspeth D., Columbia, Maryland

I joined The Boot Camp Girl and started personal training sessions with Mary in February 2013. My son was 2 years old when I started with The Boot Camp Girl. After I had my son I completely lost sight of how, when and where to work out. I didn’t set aside any time for myself because I felt selfish so of course I wasn’t working out. I felt terrible. I wanted so badly to work out not just to be fit or to lose weight but to be healthy for my son and to be healthy before I got pregnant again. That became my resolution for 2013- to be healthy inside and out. When I found the boot camp girl I didn’t know what to expect. The term boot camp scared me! Once I expressed interest to Stephanie she immediately called me and she spent a long time on the phone with me to try and figure out where I was at and what I wanted to do. My first boot camp was hard and challenging but in the best way. Everyone was so nice and encouraging and the work outs were amazing! Everyone that is a part of The Boot Camp girl truly cares and wants to see you meet your goals. My friend and I decided to start taking personal training sessions with Mary.  Again, we didn’t know what to expect. These sessions turned out to be the highlights of my week. Each session Mary came up with new, creative and challenging work outs for us. It was never boring and always gave us a superb work out. She truly cared not just about what we were getting out of her sessions but about our eating habits, how we were doing during working out on our own etc. I have learned so much from the sessions with Mary. I now feel that I am in the best shape of my life. I finally feel in control of my fitness level. She taught us that if we work hard we really can see results. I would be remiss not to mention Mary’s awesome personality. Her attitude made us want to push ourselves harder and further. I am very thankful to Mary, Stephanie and everyone at The Boot Camp Girl. It was a great decision to join and I would recommend it to everyone! Caroline Masak, stay-at-home mom, personal training and boot camp client, Laurel MD

I joined The Boot Camp Girl and started personal training sessions with Mary in February 2013. When I joined, I liked running and working out, but had let life get in the way of exercise and health, and had basically stopped exercising.  So, I decided, along with my friend, to do something to regain my focus and motivation to work out and live a healthy lifestyle. We took the leap together and joined Boot Camp and pursued personal training 2 times per week. I came to the Boot Camp Girl pretty out of shape, with little endurance, and low motivation. The first few Boot Camp classes were difficult, but Stephanie, Mary, and all of the Boot Camp participants were very encouraging and helpful and they didn’t let me quit. I am very grateful for the Boot Camp experience, the friendly competitive atmosphere, and the support I have gotten from Stephanie. Mary’s personal training sessions have been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Every session with Mary has been challenging and has made me push myself to new levels of fitness. Mary brings a creative and new workout to every session, and I have never been bored. While she is a tough trainer, Mary is also very sweet, helpful and friendly. She was able to tailor workouts to my individual needs, and she provided guidance about my training schedule outside of our sessions. Mary also was very helpful and supportive when it came to diet. She recommended meals and helped me track my food, which was really great!After 3 months of Boot Camp and personal training, I ran a half marathon, have improved my mile run time by minutes, can do 20 full push-ups, and have doubled the weights I use in my workouts. I have a lot more strength and endurance, have lost weight, and have built muscle and lost fat. I have a lot more confidence and have gone down a dress size. I would recommend both the Boot Camp and personal training with Mary to anyone looking to make a change, get in shape, or just have fun while getting a great workout. Crystal F., personal training and boot camp program student, Laurel, Md

Just wanted to send a quick of note of thanks to you again for your support of HCAS.  Also, wanted to say I really enjoyed my time in Boot Camp!  In the 8-10 sessions I went to those 3 weeks, Kristi and Mary did a great job constantly switching up the class and exercises, so there was always something new and different (and each one kicked my butt!).  You’ve got a great group working with you, and you can see that the participants really get a lot out of it.  You’ve put together a great program!  Roger T. Laurel, MD

“Since I have been feeling so great lately, I am really wishing I would have gotten into this a long time ago-but I am really happy that I am doing something now.  I honestly do not know when the last time was (if ever) that I have felt this awesome…..not just physically but mentally as well. So yesterday morning my son says to me “Mommy, you need to wear a shirt that shows off your biceps!!!”  That totally killed me..  Thank you for everything- I really think this is what I needed in my life.”
-Mary D., Global Engineering Dept., Laurel, Maryland

“People have noticed that I have lost weight.  If they ask me how I did it, I tell them about boot camp!  Thanks for helping me get fit for my wedding.”
-EBS, Project Manager, Laurel, Maryland

10/10 Rating: Provides great motivation and accountability all while providing a challenging and different workout every class. Plus I love how willing the instructors are to help you reach your goals outside of class too! Theresa, Laurel, MD

“Stephanie’s Boot Camp class has been my network of accountability, guidance, and motivation; that push I needed to really achieve my goals. I’ve lost 15  pounds and I’m more disciplined and achieving fitness goals that I would have never expected before! It’s awesome!”
-Lindsey M., Laurel, Maryland

“At first I was intimidated to try boot camp but now I feel comfortable and really enjoy it! In a little under 2 months I’ve lost 10 pounds, can run 1 mile, and can do 22 (real!) pushups! Can’t wait to see what 6 months looks like.”
-Ann Marie S., Laurel, Maryland

“Now that I am home and had the chance to process my experience with your Boot Camp today, I want to say you are absolutely wonderful. While I felt that it was extremely tough, I enjoyed myself. Today was tough and it definitely stretched me. I was even initially intimidated by the small to medium body types, but I soon realized that we all have a journey and have individual health goals. The key is that they were all warm, receptive, and supportive of me, including you.  I am looking forward to next week. Stephanie, you have a gift for making people feel special, even when we sometimes we do not feel that way ourselves.  I look forward to my e-mail. Let me know when to schedule my evaluation, and I will see you next week. Thanks.”
-Marlena M.D. K., Independent Associate Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc, Laurel, Maryland

“Boot camp was great.  I haven’t worked out that hard in a long time.”
-Barnaby A., Laurel, Maryland

“When I started the Boot Camp Program, I had not exercised in about 10 years.  Because of my eating habits and lack of exercise, I had become overweight.   I decided to take the Boot Camp Class which is 1 ½ hr.  I thought that I would not be able to do the class, but Stephanie worked with me.  With the push ups and other physical strength exercises, I went at my pace.  If I could only do 4 push ups, then that is all I did. When it came time to run 1 mile, I knew that I could not run 1 mile.  The 1st time I walked the entire mile.  Stephanie is fine with that.  The 2nd day I had a hard time even walking the entire mile so Stephanie suggested just to go as far (walking, of course) as I could and that was great.  This Boot Camp class has jump started my exercise program up again.  I still have a hard time with some of the exercises, but Stephanie is very good about encouraging me to keep trying and when I missed a class, she actually came by my desk to see how I was doing and to encourage me again to come to the next class and just keep working at it. This Boot Camp Program is very good because Stephanie works with you each class on your weight and it helps because she is a personal trainer. I enjoy this class a lot and I appreciate the fact that Boot Camp Girl is giving classes here at the Applied Physics Laboratory.”
-Ann W., Laurel, Maryland

Beginner Running Program: “When I saw the post about the beginning running program, I thought it might be a good way for me to get back into shape. Let me start by saying that I was never a runner.   I struggled a bit in the beginning, but I just finished week 7 and have never felt better!  I think that I turned a corner between interval 6 and 7 – I ran two nights ago and could have kept running for another 20 minutes without much effort.  I have lost 10 pounds since starting running, and my knees feel so much better.  I actually look forward to running! Our local YMCA has a half-triathlon that I have been anxious to compete in, but I was always afraid of the running leg (swimming and biking come easy, it was just that darn running).  I will compete next year! Thanks guys for the help!”
-David J., Laurel, Maryland

Beginner running program: “Thank you to both of you for organizing the program and helping to keep it going and keep us motivated. I had never really thought of running intervals as a way of working out but would get tired too quickly and bored if I just jogged straight thru, so having set intervals has really changed my workouts. (and even though I take breaks, I can know run further and longer J) so anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks again and I appreciate the effort!”
-Christine Z., Laurel, Maryland

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