Motivation—Get It Where You Can Find It by Chris McKee

Last night I walked past a gym and saw every cardio machine with a body on it—running, walking, gliding, climbing and pedaling.  What was everybody’s motivation to be there?

I bet one motivator was the weather.

Yesterday also happened to be the warmest day we’ve had since last fall.  It’s a reminder that, in all too few months, it’s time to show off what you’ve been doing all winter.  That’s motivation.

It’s officially spring in a few weeks, and locally grown vegetables and fruits will soon be available.  What’s going to motivate you to eat them like you know you should?

Last summer I attended The Peoples’ Climate March in NYC.  About 400,000 people were there; it was so tightly packed that we couldn’t march; we just shuffled our feet in one place.  A lady handed me a flier that stated that the Number One polluter of this planet are the meat-producing industries.  And the Number One action I can take as an individual to reduce polluting this earth is to stop eating meat.

That was my motivation to begin a journey to a plant-based diet. (Vegan apparently is a bad word in the plant-based diet community as it conjures up granny glasses, bad clothes and throwing blood or offal on industry officials.) I never thought I would think about giving up meat, poultry and especially seafood.

After consulting with The Boot Camp Girl trainers, I bought The Engine 2 Diet, a practical approach to plant-based eating written by a firefighter.  I signed up for a cooking class, developed by the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, to learn how to cook more plant-based meals.  I told Kevin I was making these dietary changes and that I wouldn’t be cooking as many meat-based dishes as I had before.  And he was fine with that.

My motivation isn’t necessarily health-based, even though I know that certain foods are destructive to the body’s immune system.  My motives were influenced by the example set by Stephanie and Mary, Boot Camp Girl trainers extraordinaire, who don’t have any excess body weight and who are passionate vegans (Yes, I used the V word.)

My motivation is to help save our planet from our destructive and insatiable lust for meat.

No matter what impels you to a goal, find the reasons that matter to you and use them to make a positive change in your life.

Make an appointment to talk with the Boot Camp Girl to overhaul your diet, and work out with them regularly.

Get motivated.



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