Start Craving the Right Foods

This week’s newsletter article is about changing your mindset about food. We associate junk food and “comfort” foods with a lot of positive emotions: fun times, love, comfort, pleasure, stress relief.  No wonder they are so hard to avoid!  In reality, however, these foods will lead to: heart disease, gaining weight, high blood pressure, feeling bad about yourself, losing energy, getting sick, feeling lethargic and decreased productivity, just to name a few!  However, when we reach for these foods, the negative impact is not on our minds at the time.  We have been programmed to eat these foods during times that we want to feel good.

Using your mind

Your mind is powerful and you can train it to stop these positive associations.  You need to train the mind to associate these foods with all of the negative consequences of eating them.  For example, before you pick up that donut, think about your favorite skinny jeans and how you will never be able to fit in them if you keep eating like that! Visualize yourself wearing the jeans and how good you would feel.  When you really connect with those positive emotions of not eating these foods, the foods will become less appealing.  Conversely, when you reach for healthy fruits and veggies, whole grains and seeds think about how these foods will lead you to being able to fit into your jeans.  You must really make the effort to think like this.

If for some reason you do eat that donut even though you know you shouldn’t, make a conscious effort to focus on how it feels afterward.  When you start to eat healthier then go off track, your body will let you know!  You may feel sick to your stomach or feel drained.  You may even get a headache.  Focus a lot on these feelings!  Really focus on how bad you feel and start to associate your cheat foods with stomach and headaches so that you will start to get turned off by it next time.

Decide today that you are going to make conscious choices about food in a way that will lead to your ultimate health and fitness goals.


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  1. Teresa Butler

    Teresa Butler September 30, 2013 at 10:47 pm | | Reply

    The other day I ate steak and my stomach was not happy with my choice. I have been struggling with persistent “runs”… My craving is now apples and healthy fruits and vegetables.
    My refrigerator is ready to go for the week with healthy food choices.
    Teresa B.

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